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Mike Krzyzewski

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New authentic logo for "Magic Delivery Gaming"
Our clanbase got a CSGO Team for competitive gaming since last year. Now its time for the one year anniversary. Right at time a new team logo was made and will cover the DKC competitive gaming in the Computer scene. Still keep in mind that our team is not made for tryharding at the highest level. ;)
Reintroduced the Teamspeak CSGO Ranks and Teamcolors
The CSGO rank based teamspeak 3 icons are officially back in use and avaliable to everyone who got a csgo competitive ranking. Also the Team colors, which are very useful to decide whos in front of you, are back as channel groups! Have fun with them and show who got the balls on the spot.
Abstimmung für DKC oder Sticker
Ich brauche eure Stimme um das Drucken und selbstständige Bestellen von Aufklebern in auftrag zu geben. Hier als kleiner Vorgeschmack eine Aufkleber Preview.

Bitte gebt mir bei Interesse im TS Bescheid.
+++ Umfrage um das Interesse für Sticker oder anderen Merch startet bald+++ Website entwicklung geht weiter +++ Teammember für gesucht / Steamgruppe bei den Links +++ Teamspeak3: +++ Bei Anregungen für Webdesign bitte bei Sandoun melden +++